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Bluetooth til original anlæg i Audi Chorus / Concert / Symphony quadlock

Bluetooth til original anlæg i Audi Chorus / Concert / Symphony quadlock

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Bluetooth hands-free version '' Basic '' (Quadlock)

This Bluetooth FSE suitable only for cars equipped with the following head units:

RNS-E, BNS 5.0, Concert 2 + / 3, Symphony 2 + / 3 System. (use at Concert 2 Symphony 2 and the FSE-Adapter 36430)

Uncomplicated installation of the handsfree due to exact manufactured cables Plug and Play

The advantages at a glance

- Integration into the infotainment system

- Voice output through the vehicle speakers - no installation of additional speakers neccessary

- A2DP audio streaming for listening to music files via the car speakers

- OEM-operation by using:

Multifunction steering wheel (if available)

Driver information system (FIS) - Via menu

- Adjustable microphone gain (up to 30dB) to optimize voice quality FIS

- Unlimited software updates

- Using of the following telephone functions:

Calling the telephone book entries (representation in the FIS)

Placing calls, answer and end

Volume Control

- A2DP

- Mute

- High quality audio output (also at high speeds)


- Bluetooth interface

- Microphone

- Harness

- Installation Instructions


Currently, the speakerphone is limited to the following cars

  • Audi A3 8P, A3 Sportback, A3 Cabrio
  • Audi A4 8E, B6, B7
  • TT 8J, Roadster, Coupe
  • A6 4B (from MY 2000)

- After installation vehicle coding is required Phone.

Please contact an Audi dealer or truss satellite consult with diagnostic software.

- Please specify the above vehicle-specific information

- Please obey the compatibilty to your bluetooth cellphone (compatibility list)


You need to find out whether you have the hardware version HW1.x or HW2.x. This check can be made on the basis of the SWP (pBoard) version. This information is also available on the things labeled box. At VW models - unless MFA is + available, you can find this information in the MFA + by calling (Fiscon) / Version. Is there a SWP (pBoard) version or with 1.xx: 3.xx installed, so is HW1. Is there a SWP installed with 3xxx, so is HW2. Alternatively, you can look to see if the respective update is accepted. If the update is not accepted, so you can play the other update.

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Denne boks enhed skal monteres i ledninsnettet bak din originale anlæg fra Audi. Det medfølegende ledningsnet skal sættes imellem det originale ledningsnet og anlægget. Det giver dig Bluetooth, der kan koble din egen mobil på anlægget orginale bluetooth system. Du kan streame musik fra alle Bluetooth produkter over A2DP.