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Bluetooth til original anlæg til Mercedes-Benz med Fibre-Optic based COMAND APS Head Units. Bruger de originale stik

Bluetooth til original anlæg til Mercedes-Benz med Fibre-Optic based COMAND APS Head Units. Bruger de originale stik

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The ViseeO MOSTO (MO-S1-B) is a retrofit Bluetooth solution from ViseeO for Mercedes-Benz vehicles with original fibre-optic based COMAND APS head unit. The MOSTO (MO-S1-B) is the latest product for Mercedes from ViseeO who have an excellent reputation for integrated vehicle telephone systems. The ViseeO MOSTO will seamlessly integrate with the factory fitted display and equipment already installed in your car to create a telephone system identical to the expensive OEM equipment offered by Mercedes but at a fraction of the price. As well as full telephone features, the ViseeO MOSTO offers music playback from any A2DP enabled device such as iPhone’s or other phones with A2DP/MP3 capabilities. In order to us the A2DP the CD changer in the car must be disconnected as the A2DP uses the same input for music playback. The user can therefore choose between CD changer (if installed) and A2DP. Læs mere her!

The MOSTO will fully integrate with the dashboard and steering wheel controls in the same way that the factory fitted Mercedes Bluetooth kit would. You can answer, dial out, reject calls and adjust call volume all from the phone buttons on your steering wheel, dash board and centre console. The MOSTO will automatically connect with your phone every time you re-enter the vehicle. It can store up to 4 different phones in its memory and supports both automatic and manual (OPP) phonebook upload.

Seamless integration with the original Mercedes COMAND display - view your contact list and make/receive calls on the original Mercedes head unit. A2DP Music streaming through the original COMAND system using the ViseeO MOSTO for Mercedes Features: •Powerful Bluetooth 2.0 module from Parrot (CK5050), the market leaders in Bluetooth technology ensures compatibility with all the latest phones including Apple, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and more •Full control of the Bluetooth phone from the original Mercedes controls including Answer / Dial / Re-Dial / End Call / Reject Call / Call Hold / Call Waiting and full use of the cars numeric keypad for dialling •Store up to 4 different phones in the MOSTO memory •A-Z Phonebook search function •Caller ID – displays the ID of incoming calls on the original Mercedes Display •A2DP – play digital music stored on the phone wirelessly through the cars original speaker system using the A2DP music streaming feature of the MOSTO •Noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technology for crystal clear telephone calls •Supports multiple languages

Installation The ViseeO MOSTO is designed to integrate with the advanced M.O.S.T. Fibre Optic technology used by the COMAND APS head units. It is discretely installed behind the dashboard with full operation of the kit carried out by the original head unit. Installation is very simple and involves connecting the MOSTO into the fibre optic loop already present in the vehicle. The fibre optic connection cable is included and will allow plug-and-play connection with the original fibre optic cables. No coding is required and once correctly installed the Mercedes will instantly recognise the ViseeO MOSTO as if the factory fitted Bluetooth kit was installed. The MOSTO requires only 2 wires connecting for power (12v and 0V). The included microphone can installed in various locations depending on customer requirement and the installer. All cables are connected to the Junction Box which is discretely hidden away behind the dashboard.